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  1. Polish Rye Bread 1 lb

    Polish Rye Bread 1 lb

    Polski Chleb Zytni

    It's hard to beat authentic Polish Rye Bread. Made with recipes brought from Poland to get its uniqe texture and flavor.

    Ingredients:Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Water, Rye Flour, Salt, Yeast, No softners, Nor preservatives

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  2. Dark Rye Bread with Oats

    Dark Rye Bread with Oats

    Chleb Ciemny z Otrebami

    Ingredients:Rye Wheat Flour, Whole Rye and Whole Wheat Flour, Yeast, Water, Salt, Honey, No Preservatives

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  3. Sourdough Village Loaf Half

    Sourdough Village Loaf Half

    Staropolski Bochenek Polowa

    Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, whole wheat flour, rye meal, rye flour, salt, yeast, soybean oil, rice syrup, molasses

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  4. Polish Challah

    Polish Challah


    Chalka is a rich, braided egg bread that contains raisins. Similar to Bohemian-Czech hoska, Jewish challah and French brioche.

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  5. German Bread

    German Bread

    Chlebek Niemiecki

    Ingredients: Whole Rye, Whole Wheat Flour, Yeast and Salt, No Preservatives

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  6. Baltic Caraway Bread

    Baltic Caraway Bread

    Chleb Kimnkowy Baltyk

    Ingredients: 95 % Rye Flour, 5 % Wheat Flour, Rice Syrup, Salt, Yeast, Caraway Miller, Molasses, Caramel, No Preservatives

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  7. Homemade Lithuanian Bread - Half

    Homemade Lithuanian Bread - Half

    Chleb Litewski

    Ingredients: Medium Rye Flour, White Rye Flour, Medium Whole Wheat Flour, Wheat Flour, Mealted Barley, Rice Syrup, Salt, Vegetable Oil, No Preservatives

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  8. Multi Grain Bread

    Multi Grain Bread

    Chleb Wieloziarnisty

    Ingredients: 100 % Rolled Oats, Whole Wheat, Rye Flour, Molasses, Sunflower, Flaccid Sesame, Salt, Yeast, No Preservatives

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  9. Zakopanski Bread

    Zakopanski Bread

    Chleb Zakopianski

    Ingredients: Rye Flour, Wheat Flour, High Gluten Flour, Buttermilk, Water, Salt, Yeast, No Preservatives

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